Our Services

Not all service providers are equal. At Chemtronics you have the assurance that we are ISO 9001 certified, together with all relevant licenses to carry out testing and repairs in accordance to the relevant local laws:

  • We have training program and continuous improvement program for our staff.
  • Our testing scripts are developed in accordance to the Australia Standards.
  • In Queensland, the local laws require all testing personnel must have QLD Test & Tag License, and for repairs all personnel must have QLD Restricted Electrical License. Chemtronics has all the required licenses to test and repair your equipment.
  • In New Zealand, the local laws require all testing and repair personnel must have relevant electrical license.
  • In Victoria, the local laws require all patient area to be commissioned by M-Class license inspector.

We provide our clients the peace of mind with all the relevant licenses, insurance, occupational health and safety procedures, and work covers to carry out the work.

We work in collaboration with our clients to achieve regulatory compliance while minimising overall cost and improving operational outcomes. We offer defined levels of responsiveness, financial guarantees, backup and support that ensure minimal risk to our clients and their operations.

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