Equipment Testing and Repair Service

Chemtronics has competent staff to carry out testing and repair services that comply with local laws and Australian Standards.

Chemtronics has workshops in every Capital city in Australia, and in New Zealand we have workshops in Auckland and Hamilton. Our vast geographical footprint ensures our service reach to the majority of our healthcare clients, and also to provide support for medical equipment vendors.

Chemtronics can provide continual contractual service or on-demand service that meet your requirements. Our repairs and testing services can be categorised into:

Annual compliance testing service:

  • Electrical safety testing and performance testing in accordance to AS/NZS:3551
  • Patient area testing in accordance to AS/NZS:3003
  • Medical gas outlets and gas accessories (e.g. flowmeter, suction adaptor) testing in accordance to AS:2896

Repair service:

  • Chemtronics can service a wide range of medical equipment, including: anaesthetic machines, ventilators, infusion pumps, defibrillators, electrosurgical units, vital signs monitors, acute patient monitors, etc.
  • Field repair service where Chemtronics engineer will travel to your site to assess and repair your equipment.
  • Workshop repair service where you send your equipment to our workshops.

Specialised services:

  • Independent steriliser validation service – CSSD Pre Vac and Benchtop sterilisers
  • Independent endoscope scope quality and usability testing
  • Audiometer calibration service
  • X-ray equipment calibration verification
  • Dental chair service
  • Dental unit and handpiece service
  • Medical air quality testing service
  • CSSD water testing service
  • Medical gas supply monitoring service

CE-IT Program (Clinical Engineering & Information Technology)

Chemtronics is launching brand new service stream CE-IT. A bespoke service combining both Clinical Engineering and Information Technology services. CE-IT delivers the following services:

  • Dedicated Support Call Centres: filtering and directing service calls relating to Biomedical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Hybrid engineers skilled in both disciplines on standby to respond immediately to service calls
  • Working in conjunction with IT departments providing frontline support to minimise equipment downtime and provide cost saving initiatives